Frequently Asked Questions

U-Dream helps you get into the right mindset to deal with the issues that keep you awake.

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Why is U-Dream so effective?

Our formulators’ meticulous approach to creating our formula dates back thousands of years. Ancient traditional eastern herbal medicine and our physiology were the drivers of U-Dream. The synergy of each herb working in conjunction with each other and our physiological processes make it most effective by relaxing the body and brain thus promoting Slow Wave Sleep (SWS).

Slow Wave Sleep is the restorative part of our sleep cycle. According to researchers, it is critical for development and physical repair. When your brain is relaxed, it allows you to get into deep, SWS sleep which helps you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Which formula (Full or Lite) is right for me?

No two bodies are alike.

Everyone’s body processes U-Dream differently, whether it’s regarding absorption, transit times and/or potential sensitivities, and the potential to develop a sensitivity.

Do you need help falling asleep or with going back to sleep after nighttime waking?  Many people do not need to take the Full formula to sleep right through the night in which case the Lite formula is sufficient.

If you see that you are waking in the night with the Lite formula, you can take another providing you have enough time to sleep if needed.  For example: if you take a Lite at 11pm and wake up at 3am ensure you can sleep in until at least 7am as this is a 4-5 hour formula.

If you see that you are waking in the night with the Full Night formula we do not recommend taking a Lite capsule in addition to the one taken before bed. Speak with your health care professional regarding your sleep issues.

If you find that taking the Full Night leaves you a little groggy in the morning, take the Lite.  If you take the Lite and you are still groggy in the morning, you may try taking half. We recommend putting the half in an empty capsule as the taste is quite bitter but it can also be diluted in water and taken that way.

At first, you may need to try a bit of experimenting to figure out what works best for you.

As always, speak with your health care professional if you have ongoing concerns.

What are the differences between Full Night and Lite formula?

The Lite is not half of the Full formula, just a lesser concentration in some of the more active ingredients. In other words, taking 2 Lite capsules would be a stronger dose than one Full capsule.

Some people do not need to take the Full Night formula to sleep right through the night, the Lite formula is enough. We recommend taking one Lite before bedtime and then if you wake up in the middle of the night, then take another. 

Why do you say “Do not take more than 3 weeks or daily”?

This is a general statement due to the fact that U-Dream is not a cure to insomnia or sleep difficulties, but rather a sleep aid to get a good night’s rest when most needed.

As with many other Natural Health Products, Health Canada provides general usage recommendations, one being to avoid taking U-Dream for more than 3 weeks without consulting a health care practitioner.

Discussing your particular needs with your health care practitioner can help to ensure there are no pre-existing conditions, medication or remedies that would affect overall physical well-being.  This consult could also help to determine that one does not have or develop hyper-sensitivity to any of the herbs contained in the U-Dream formula if one intends to take U-Dream on a regular basis.

Another recommendation might be to cut back on the number of times per week you use U-Dream to give time to your body to process the herbs, especially for the liver, and to avoid long term use even in the case of herbal and natural remedies such as these.  We encourage people to continue to investigate the root cause of sleep issues while trying different, synergistic options that are gentle to the body and mind.

U-Dream is designed to assist your natural sleep cycles, but works best when used occasionally.

Can I take more than one capsule at a time?

No.  The dosage is one capsule at a time and only when needed. The formula has been carefully balanced for maximum effect.  Always consult your health care professional prior to deviating from our recommendations.

Is it normal to have an aftertaste the next day?

Few people experience this, although some excipients (non-medicinal ingredients) can at times create a metallic or bitter aftertaste.

It is possible that some people react in certain ways to one of the ingredients or, more likely, to some of the non-medicinal ingredients (see the back label) used to help with blending in capsule and absorption.  It could also be a combination with other supplements or medications one takes. When we receive such feedback we make sure to pass on this information to our formulators. If this persists, you may want to consult your health care professional.


Is U-Dream addictive?

Taking any sleeping aid or anything that makes you feel good, like sugar or even fat, over some time span can induce a habit, even for natural and herbal products therefore causing cravings.

If this is of some concern to you, we encourage you to do your own research and with your health care professional, determine if U-Dream is right for you.

If you have some time watch this 18 minute Tedx talk on addiction by our fellow Canadian physician Gabor Mate.

Will I feel groggy or wobbly the next day?

This is not a known side effect if U-Dream is taken according to instructions. If you are experiencing grogginess or feel unbalanced the next morning upon waking, this could be due to a hyper-sensitivity (allergic reaction).  It is also possible that this could be due to taking the capsule too late in the evening and not getting enough time to sleep or perhaps this formula is simply too strong for you.

If you experience this side effect discontinue use until you are able to consult your health care professional.

Is U-Dream a cure to insomnia?

No. U-Dream is not a cure to insomnia or sleep difficulties, but rather a sleep aid to get a good night’s rest when most needed. It helps to unplug the mind’s thinking process by soothing you so you can get naturally induced sleep.

Stress, anxiety and depression are the most common causes of insomnia. U-Dream is not a cure to insomnia but an aid to get a good night’s sleep when most needed. We encourage people to continue  investigating the root cause of sleep issues while trying different options that are gentle to the body and mind.

Where are the ingredients from and how are they tested and manufactured?

All extracts are supplied by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities in China.

All the ingredients are tested 3 times for pesticides, heavy metals and microbial contaminants.  First by the supplier, then when it arrives at the manufacturer’s warehouse in Canada and finally it is third-party tested as a finished product before release into the market

Note: Manufacturer follows GMP and is certified/inspected by Health Canada. Third party testing performed by an FDA certified laboratory is the final step that ensures the product is safe from any contamination, trace presence or other undeclared ingredients and that the formula is strictly followed as per our Health Canada license.

The formula was created by experts based on ancient traditional eastern herbal medicine.   Our team of formulators have expertise in chemistry, TCM, herbology and phytopharmacology.

U-Dream is manufactured in British Columbia.

Why is it different from melatonin?

Melatonin is a substance created by the body that regulates sleep cycles. Taking manufactured melatonin can reduce or interfere with your body’s natural production of the melatonin hormone; for this reason U-Dream contains NO melatonin.

Our extracts and formula have an effect on soothing and calming of the mind, thus inducing the body into a natural sleep which is completely different from what benzodiazepines or increased melatonin circulating in the body do.

Are all of  the ingredients from natural sources?

Yes. All the ingredients contained in the formula are natural herbal extracts.

Is it organic?

Our product is not certified organic at this point in time although U-Dream has no additives and every batch is tested for the absence of pesticides and heavy metals. Please know that we are working towards organic certification.

Is U-Dream gluten-free:

Our product is gluten-free however, not certified at this time. We are working towards this certification as well.

Is it vegan, non-GMO, allergen free?

U-Dream is a vegan product, ingredients are all non-GMO and free of allergens.

Is the tryptophan from turkey?

The L-Tryptophan is from fermented non-GMO corn (not from animal sources).

Is the capsule Vegan and what is the source of the colour?

Yes the capsule is Vegan and the dye used is plant-based.
Made of plant-based hypromellose and water
Vegan, Non GMO, Kosher, Halal