U-Dream update, 31 January 2020


Since receiving notification from Health Canada about the impurity allegedly found in our product, Biotrade Canada has been conducting an extensive investigation to confirm its existence and its source. This impurity was not previously known to us, and is not something we intentionally added.


Our team is preparing new samples of the product for testing. We are making changes to our production processes to provide a safe and effective product that satisfies Health Canada requirements. We are working with Health Canada to address their concerns in order to have our licence reinstated. While we are not yet able to provide an estimated release date, our goal is to return U-Dream to stores as soon as possible.


You may notice that we have simplified the website. This is required to comply with regulations until the product licenses are reinstated. 


We at Biotrade are committed to providing the highest quality, natural sleep aid to consumers. This has been our mission from the beginning, and we continue to pursue this goal with integrity.


We will continue to send every batch of our product to two independent labs. As is our standard procedure, the product will be thoroughly tested. Going forward, every batch will also be tested to ensure the alleged impurity is not detected.


The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our highest priority. Thank you for your patience as we diligently work to resume sales of U-Dream.



19 December 2019

Dear valued consumer;


On November 21st, Biotrade Canada received a report from Health Canada regarding concerns they have with traces of an unidentified material detected in the U-Dream product. As a precautionary measure we voluntarily stopped distribution immediately and invited retailers to pull the product from store shelves and to stop selling.


On December 17th, Health Canada formally indicated that they have found ”Zopiclone impurity 22” in some batches of the U-Dream product. Please note this is not the same as Zopiclone, a known pharmaceutical sleep aid (it is a similar molecule). Health Canada has confirmed and all our routine testing shows that Zopiclone is not present in the product.


Health Canada has not given any indication regarding the amounts of the impurity in the product, if it poses any risks or whether it is of natural or manufactured origin. We are committed to doing whatever is required to identify the source of this material and remove it in order to return to stores for the well-being of the many people who benefit from the product. We are doing further testing and will keep you updated as soon as new information is available.


At Biotrade Canada we put the safety and health of our consumers above all else. Biotrade has no confirmed cases of related illness associated with the U-Dream product, however based on Health Canada’s request we are recommending consumers stop consumption of the U-Dream products immediately until further notice.


On behalf of Biotrade Canada, we thank you for your patronage. We are committed to continuing to provide top quality products that benefit our customers  We will continue to address this concern in partnership with Health Canada.


If you wish to share your experience with U-Dream, we would be grateful. Please review our FAQ for questions, or for customer service you can contact us here.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Our work is for the greater good.