Dear valued customer.


U-Dream has positively changed the lives of many people. Evidence emerging from our scientific research proves that U-Dream re-establishes the slow wave sleep (SWS) cycles (different from REM dreaming sleep). In addition to other regenerative processes, SWS is where recovery and energy replenishment happens.


Our recent research has also shown that U-Dream taken in combination with any product or supplement that depresses the nervous system can have unwanted effects (research is ongoing). For this reason, U-Dream should never be taken in combination with any other supplement without first consulting a medical professional or health care practitioner.


We are undertaking further research to confirm the safety of the product and purity of the extracts and until we have a clearer understanding of its interactions with other supplements, Biotrade Canada has voluntarily stopped sales of U-dream.


While we continue to gather data and prepare the results of the research for publication, we would like to gather testimonials of the positive impact that U-Dream has had on the quality of life of many of you.


If you wish to share how U-Dream has helped you, we would be grateful. You can use the form below for testimonials. For customer service and questions, please contact us here.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Our work is for the greater good.