U-Dream Update!

18 August 2020

Dear supporters, customers, friends old and new:


Thank you once again for your continued support and encouraging testimonials with regard to U-Dream, Canada’s most effective sleep product! We have been extremely busy in our quest to return this invaluable product back to the marketplace. Here is an update on where things currently stand.


As many of you are aware, Health Canada informed us of the suspension of the U-Dream product licenses at the end of 2019. Biotrade immediately complied with this directive and halted all product sales while continuing our extensive collaboration with medical and legal experts to resolve this issue in a timely manner.


In fact, since this time – and with the support of top industry experts – Biotrade has implemented significant changes that far exceed the licensing requirements now demanded by Health Canada standards.


Notwithstanding the fact that our new plan exceeds the legal requirements of the industry, Health Canada continues to deny the reinstatement of our product licenses. We would like to sincerely thank the hundreds of U-Dream customers who have sent glowing testimonials in support of this amazingly effective sleep remedy. While we regret that Health Canada’s action represents a considerable barrier to the reintroduction of this superior product, rest assured that Biotrade will continue to take all necessary action, both legal and otherwise, in our commitment to assist people to rebuild quality lives supported by a good and essential night’s sleep.


In short, Biotrade will continue to do everything possible to once more offer the safe, effective and natural sleep aid that so many of you have deemed the most reliable and effective sleep remedy ever introduced in Canada.


Please be advised we are focusing all our resources to that objective and will be reducing our communications to a minimum. Your feedback is still important and you are welcome to send us an email here. Your communication will go on file, however you might not receive a response. Any major updates will be posted on the website or communicated by email.