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We wish to inform you that appropriate steps are being taken to ensure manufacturing will be ongoing for the next several months in order to meet the projected high demand and ensure constant supply, therefore it may take some time for U-Dream to reach every store and without interruption.

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U-Dream® combines traditional Eastern Medicinal herbs and state-of-the-art western herbal medicine with care, creating an effective natural sleep formula.

A precise blend of roots, fruits, bark and potent flower extracts, U-Dream supports a healthy and prolonged sleep.

This combination of ingredients addresses the most common sleep difficulties, including insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns, by gently calming the nervous system.

The natural alternative that works effectively without grogginess and other common side effects from prescription drug!

This special formula was created by a team of phytopharmacologists and health care professionals who created U-Dream® with a variety of safe, proven and effective plants:


A calming herb for anxiety and insomnia

Lion's Mane

A mushroom known for its positive effect in reducing both anxiety and depression


A ‘superberry’ that provides both stress relief and assists with insomnia

Loquat fruit

A fruit extract that helps as a mild sedative


Another fruit traditionally used to address symptoms of anxiety and insomnia


An essential amino acid well known for its sleep-inducing qualities

Tuberfleeceflower and Rehmannia roots

These two additions also assist with alleviating insomnia

Citrus and Curcuma

These 2 ingredients enhance the formula properties and facilitate absorption by the body.

The best and most effective components of each herb have been combined to increase their synergistic effects which provide an effective, natural and risk free sleep.

U-Dream® offers two options:

The Full Night formula

for those who have difficulty falling asleep at bedtime. It is designed to ease the transition to sleep, maintain restful sleep throughout the night, and to emerge from sleep fully refreshed next morning.

NPN 80088078

The Lite formula

designed for those who wake in the middle of the night before a healthy night's rest is complete. This formula will help you return to the sleep you need, and wakeup rested and ready for your day.

NPN 80088075

U-Dream® has been approved in Canada as a 100% Natural Health Product.

Unlike many over-the-counter drugs, U-Dream® will not leave you feeling sleepy when it’s time to be alert again. U-Dream® leaves you rested, refreshed and ready to start the new day.


Here is what people say about our product.


"This works like a charm. I was totally amazed. No after effects, just a nice sleep. I have used both the all night and the lite. Both worked as advertised. Thank you.”


“My hubby and I have suffered from insomnia for many years… we sleep each night soundly and feel restored in the morning… thank you thank you for this miracle!."


Graphic Designer

“I used to wake up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. Now I feel I have gained my life back by using U-Dream Lite.”

Join our satisfied customers whose lives have been vastly improved since taking U-DREAM®!

If you are under stress, seek help from your therapist and support from your peers.


U-Dream will not solve the causes of sleeping problems.
It is just a wonderful aid to help support your sleep.
Without U-Dream you will be back to your previous condition.

It is recommended not to take U-Dream for more than 3 weeks.

U-Dream is designed to assist your natural sleeping cycles, but works best when used intermittently.

As such, the use of this product is solely the responsibility of the individual user.


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